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Chemical constituents from the flowers of Hypericum monogynum L. with COX-2 inhibitory activity 期刊论文
PHYTOCHEMISTRY, 2022, 卷号: 193, 页码: 112970
Authors:  Li,Ya-Nan;  Zeng,Yan-Rong;  Yang,Jue;  He,Wenwen;  Chen,Junlei;  Deng,Lulu;  Yi,Ping;  Huang,Lie-Jun;  Gu,Wei;  Hu,Zhan-Xing;  Yuan,Chun-Mao;  Hao,Xiao-Jiang
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Hypericum monogynum L.  Hypericaceae  Chemical constituents  Polycyclic polyprenylated acylphloroglucinols  Flavonoids  COX-2 inhibitors  
Acylphloroglucinols with acetylcholinesterase inhibitory effects from the fruits of Eucalyptus robusta (vol 103, 104127, 2020) 期刊论文
BIOORGANIC CHEMISTRY, 2021, 卷号: 108, 页码: 104579
Authors:  Liu,Hui;  He,Xiao-Zhi;  Feng,Mi-Yan;  Zeng,Yuan;  Rauwolf,Tyler J.;  Shao,Li-Dong;  Ni,Wei;  Yan,Hui;  Porco,John A.,Jr.;  Hao,Xiao-Jiang;  Qin,Xu-Jie;  Liu,Hai-Yang
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Immunosuppressive gentianellane-type sesterterpenoids from the traditional Uighur medicine Gentianella turkestanorum 期刊论文
PHYTOCHEMISTRY, 2021, 卷号: 187, 页码: 112780
Authors:  Guo,Kai;  Liu,Yan-Chun;  Liu,Yan;  Zhang,Han;  Li,Wen-Yuan;  Shi,Qiu-Mei;  Li,Xiao-Nian;  Zeng,Fang;  Li,Sheng-Hong
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Gentianella turkestanorum  Gentianaceae  Plant sesterterpenoids  Gentianellane-type  Immunosuppressive activity  GLANDULAR TRICHOMES  LEUCOSCEPTRUM-CANUM  CONSTITUENTS  PRODUCTS  HARBOR  
Two new seco-polycyclic polyprenylated acylphloroglucinol from Hypericum sampsonii 期刊论文
ORGANIC & BIOMOLECULAR CHEMISTRY, 2021, 卷号: 19, 期号: 1, 页码: 216-219
Authors:  Zhang,Zi-Zhen;  Zeng,Yan-Rong;  Li,Ya-Nan;  Hu,Zhan-Xing;  Huang,Lie-Jun;  Gu,Wei;  Hao,Xiao-Jiang;  Yuan,Chun-Mao
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Microplastics as an emerging threat to plant and soil health in agroecosystems 期刊论文
SCIENCE OF THE TOTAL ENVIRONMENT, 2021, 卷号: 787, 页码: 147444
Authors:  Zhou,Jie;  Wen,Yuan;  Marshall,Miles R.;  Zhao,Jie;  Gui,Heng;  Yang,Yadong;  Zeng,Zhaohai;  Jones,Davey L.;  Zang,Huadong
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Microplastics  Plant growth  Soil carbon storage  Nutrient cycling  Greenhouse gas emissions  Biodegradable plastics  Agroecosystem  POLYSTYRENE LATEX NANOPARTICLES  ORGANIC-MATTER  PLASTIC MULCH  FILM RESIDUES  CARBON  NITRIFICATION  MECHANISMS  CYTOTOXICITY  NANOPLASTICS  EMISSIONS  
Hypermogins A-D, four highly modified polycyclic polyprenylated acylphloroglucinols from Hypericum monogynum 期刊论文
TETRAHEDRON LETTERS, 2021, 卷号: 64, 页码: 152733
Authors:  Zeng,Yanrong;  Yang,Jue;  Li,Yanan;  Gu,Wei;  Huang,Liejun;  Yi,Ping;  Yuan,Chunmao;  Hao,Xiaojiang
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Hypericum monogynum  PPAPs  Multidrug resistance reversal activity  PHLOROGLUCINOL DERIVATIVES  
Hypermonones A-I, New Polyprenylated Acylphloroglucinols from Hypericum monogynum with Multidrug Resistance Reversal Activity 期刊论文
CHINESE JOURNAL OF CHEMISTRY, 2021, 卷号: 39, 期号: 9, 页码: 2422-2432
Authors:  Zeng,Yan-Rong;  Li,Ya-Nan;  Yang,Jue;  Yi,Ping;  Huang,Lei;  Huang,Lie-Jun;  Gu,Wei;  Hu,Zhan-Xing;  Li,Yan-Mei;  Yuan,Chun-Mao;  Hao,Xiao-Jiang
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Hypericum monogynum  Phytochemistry  Structure elucidation  Biological activity  Multidrug resistance reversal activity  P-GLYCOPROTEIN  MODULATORS  CANCER  
Discovery and synthesis of rocaglaol derivatives inducing apoptosis in HCT116 cells via suppression of MAPK signaling pathway 期刊论文
FITOTERAPIA, 2021, 卷号: 151, 页码: 104876
Authors:  Yang,Hao-Jie;  Li,Ya-Nan;  Yan,Chen;  Yang,Jue;  Zeng,Yan-Rong;  Yi,Ping;  Li,Yan-Mei;  Hao,Xiao-Jiang;  Yuan,Chun-Mao
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Dysoxylum gotadhora  Rocaglaol derivatives  HCT116  Cytotoxic activity  MAPK pathway  FLAVAGLINES  
The complete chloroplast genome sequences of an endemic species of Urticaceae (Debregeasia hekouensis) 期刊论文
MITOCHONDRIAL DNA PART B-RESOURCES, 2021, 卷号: 6, 期号: 11, 页码: 3300-3302
Authors:  Sun,Zhao-Yang;  Liu,Jie;  Wambulwa,Moses C.;  Li,Zhong-Hu;  Wu,Zeng-Yuan
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Debregeasia hekouensis  complete chloroplast genome  phylogenetic analysis  Urticaeceae  
Hypermoins A-D: Rearranged Nor-Polyprenylated Acylphloroglucinols from the Flowers of Hypericum monogynum 期刊论文
JOURNAL OF ORGANIC CHEMISTRY, 2021, 卷号: 86, 期号: 10, 页码: 7021-7027
Authors:  Zeng,Yan-Rong;  Li,Ya-Nan;  Zhang,Zi-Zhen;  Hu,Zhan-Xing;  Gu,Wei;  Huang,Lie-Jun;  Li,Yan-Mei;  Yuan,Chun-Mao;  Hao,Xiao-Jiang
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