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Anti-microbial Effects In Vitro and In Vivo of Alstonia scholaris 期刊论文
Natural products and bioprospecting, 2021, 卷号: 11, 期号: 1, 页码: 127-135
Authors:  Zhao,Yun-Li;  Gou,Zhong-Ping;  Shang,Jian-Hua;  Li,Wan-Yi;  Kuang,Yu;  Li,Ming-Yuan;  Luo,Xiao-Dong
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Pharmacological effects of indole alkaloids from Alstonia scholaris (L.) R. Br. on pulmonary fibrosis in vivo 期刊论文
JOURNAL OF ETHNOPHARMACOLOGY, 2021, 卷号: 267, 页码: 113506
Authors:  Zhao,Yun-Li;  Pu,Shi-Biao;  Qi,Yan;  Wu,Bai-Fen;  Shang,Jian-Hua;  Liu,Ya-Ping;  Hu,Di;  Luo,Xiao-Dong
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Alstonia scholaris  Indole alkaloids  Pulmonary fibrosis  Picrinine  Vallesamine  Scholaricine  19-Epischolaricine  FLIGHT MASS-SPECTROMETRY  ACUTE LUNG INJURY  AIRWAY INFLAMMATION  OXIDATIVE STRESS  BARK EXTRACTS  LEAVES  CONSTITUENTS  COLLAGEN  LEAF  KL-6  
药用狗牙花中单萜吲哚生物碱的研究 学位论文
, 2020
Authors:  郁阳
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Indole alkaloids with self-activated sp(2) C-H bond from Alstonia scholaris 期刊论文
Authors:  Wei, Xin;  Qin, Xu-Jie;  Jin, Qiong;  Yu, Hao-Fei;  Ding, Cai-Feng;  Khan, Afsar;  Liu, Ya-Ping;  Xia, Chengfeng;  Luo, Xiao-Dong
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Indole alkaloids from leaves of Alstonia scholaris (L.) R. Br. protect against emphysema in mice 期刊论文
Authors:  Zhao, Yun-Li;  Yang, Zi-Feng;  Wu, Bai-Fen;  Shang, Jian-Hua;  Liu, Ya-Ping;  Wang, Xin-Hua;  Luo, Xiao-Dong
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Total alkaloids from Alstonia scholaris inhibit influenza a virus replication and lung immunopathology by regulating the innate immune response 期刊论文
Authors:  Zhou, Hong-Xia;  Li, Run-Feng;  Wang, Yi-Feng;  Shen, Li-Han;  Cai, Li-Hua;  Weng, Yun-Ceng;  Zhang, Huan-Rong;  Chen, Xin-Xin;  Wu, Xiao;  Chen, Rui-Feng;  Jiang, Hai-Ming;  Wang, Caiyun;  Yang, Mingrong;  Lu, Jingguang;  Luo, Xiao-Dong;  Jiang, Zhihong;  Yang, Zi-Feng
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Pharmacokinetics and safety evaluation in healthy Chinese volunteers of alkaloids from leaf of Alstonia scholaris: A multiple doses phase I clinical trial 期刊论文
PHYTOMEDICINE, 2019, 卷号: 61, 页码: 13
Authors:  Li, Rui;  Zi, Ming-Jie;  Gou, Zhong-Ping;  Zhao, Yun-Li;  Zhang, Wan-Tong;  Lu, Fang;  Cao, Wei-Yi;  Zhao, Ying-Pan;  Li, Qing-Na;  Zhao, Yang;  Wang, Shu-Ge;  Gao, Hong-Yang;  Sun, Ming-Yue;  Luo, Xiao-Dong;  Xiong, Zhi-Li;  Gao, Rui
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Capsule of alkaloids from leaf of A. scholaris (CALAS)  Pharmacokinetics  Safety evaluation  Drug re-excitation research  
中国狗牙花和灯台叶生物碱结构及抗微生物活性研究 学位论文
博士, 2018
Authors:  于浩飞
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Effects of indole alkaloids from leaf of &ITAlstonia scholaris&IT on post-infectious cough in mice 期刊论文
JOURNAL OF ETHNOPHARMACOLOGY, 2018, 卷号: 218, 页码: 69-75
Authors:  Zhao, Yun-Li;  Yang, Zi-Feng;  Shang, Jian-Hua;  Huang, Wan-Yi;  Wang, Bei;  Wei, Xin;  Khan, Afsar;  Yuan, Zhi-Wei;  Liu, Ya-Ping;  Wang, Yi-Fen;  Wang, Xin-Hua;  Luo, Xiao-Dong
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Leaf Of Alstonia Scholaris  Indole Alkaloids  Scholaricine  19-epischolaricine  Vallesamine  Picrinine  Post-infectious Cough  
钩吻等五种药用植物生物碱结构及生物活性研究 学位论文
博士, 2018
Authors:  魏鑫
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