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Systematics and Biogeography of Aralia L. (Araliaceae):Revision of Aralia Sects. Aralia, Humiles, Nanae, andSciadodendron 期刊论文
出版物, 3111, 卷号: 57, 期号: 0, 页码: 1-172
Authors:  Jun Wen
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Aralia  Aralia Sect. Aralia  Aralia Sect. Dimorphanthus  Aralia Sect. Humiles  Aralia Sect. Nanae  Aralia Sect. pentapanax  Aralia Sect. Sciadodendron  Biogeography  Araliaceae  Systematics  
Parasitism in Boschniakia glabra, E. Meyer 期刊论文
Proceedings of the Academy of Natural Sciences of Philadelphia, 3111, 卷号: 36, 页码: 31-32
Authors:  Mr. Meehan
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Selliguea wusugongii (Polypodiaceae), a new fern species from southeastern Xizang, China based on morphological and molecular evidence 期刊论文
PHYTOTAXA, 2021, 卷号: 480, 期号: 1, 页码: 57-68
Authors:  Fan,Xue-Ping;  Zhang,Lin;  Zhang,Li-Bing;  Zhang,Liang
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homoplasy  lamina  Medog  selligueoids  GENUS  PHYLOGENY  EVOLUTION  GRAMMITIDACEAE  INDIA  
Patterns and drivers of phylogenetic structure of pteridophytes in China 期刊论文
GLOBAL ECOLOGY AND BIOGEOGRAPHY, 2021, 卷号: 30, 期号: 9, 页码: 1835-1846
Authors:  Qian,Hong;  Kessler,Michael;  Deng,Tao;  Jin,Yi
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ferns  lycopods  phylogenetic diversity  phylogenetic relatedness  tropical niche conservatism  SPECIES RICHNESS  HISTORICAL BIOGEOGRAPHY  PLANT RICHNESS  FERNS  DIVERSITY  COMMUNITIES  RADIATION  ECOLOGY  ENERGY  SCALE  
Simultaneous diversification of Polypodiales and angiosperms in the Mesozoic 期刊论文
CLADISTICS, 2021, 卷号: 37, 期号: 5, 页码: 518-539
Authors:  Du,Xin-Yu;  Lu,Jin-Mei;  Zhang,Li-Bing;  Wen,Jun;  Kuo,Li-Yaung;  Mynssen,Claudine M.;  Schneider,Harald;  Li,De-Zhu
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The patterns of vascular plant discoveries in China 期刊论文
ECOLOGY AND EVOLUTION, 2021, 卷号: 11, 期号: 18, 页码: 12378-12388
Authors:  Lu,Muyang;  Gao,Lianming;  Li,Hongtao;  He,Fangliang
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biodiversity hot spots  botanical discovery  conservation prioritization  Flora of China  species accumulation curve  survival analysis  taxonomic efforts  SPECIES RICHNESS  BIODIVERSITY  DETERMINES  CONSERVATION  SHORTFALLS  DIVERSITY  KNOWLEDGE  AMERICAN  INSECTS  SHARKS  
Adaptive innovation of green plants by horizontal gene transfer 期刊论文
BIOTECHNOLOGY ADVANCES, 2021, 卷号: 46, 页码: 107671
Authors:  Chen,Rujia;  Huangfu,Liexiang;  Lu,Yue;  Fang,Huimin;  Xu,Yang;  Li,Pengcheng;  Zhou,Yong;  Xu,Chenwu;  Huang,Jinling;  Yang,Zefeng
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Plant evolution  adaptation  exaptation  plant-to-plant HGT  crop breeding and improvement  ICE-BINDING PROTEINS  LAND PLANTS  TRANSPOSABLE ELEMENTS  EVOLUTION  GENOME  ORIGIN  DNA  BIOSYNTHESIS  ALGA  RETROTRANSPOSONS  
Arachniodes libingii sp. nov. and A. vietnamensis sp. nov. (Dryopteridaceae), two new ferns from southern China and central Vietnam 期刊论文
PHYTOTAXA, 2021, 卷号: 522, 期号: 3, 页码: 256-262
Authors:  Lu,Ngan Thi;  Nguyen,Linh Phuong;  LE,Chi Toan;  Nguyen,Thanh Trung;  Zhang,Liang
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The Arachniodes Clade  the Simpliciorae Subclade  the Vietnamensis group  
Spore characterisation and its taxonomic significance in ferns from Lagos State, Nigeria 期刊论文
GRANA, 2021, 卷号: 60, 期号: 4, 页码: 271-286
Authors:  Adeonipekun,Peter Adegbenga;  Adebayo,Michael Babatunde;  Oyebanji,Oyetola Olusegun
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ferns  palynology  spore morphology  fern taxonomy  fern spore morphology  palaeopalynology  pteridophytes  pteridophyte systematics  P  E ratio  Pteridaceae  
Evolutionary relationships of the ancient fern lineage the adder's tongues (Ophioglossaceae) with description of Sahashia gen. nov 期刊论文
CLADISTICS, 2020, 页码: 14
Authors:  Zhang, Liang;  Fan, Xue-Ping;  Petchsri, Sahanat;  Zhou, Lin;  Pollawatn, Rossarin;  Zhang, Xin;  Zhou, Xin-Mao;  Ngan Thi Lu;  Knapp, Ralf;  Chantanaorrapint, Sahut;  Limpanasittichai, Ponpipat;  Sun, Hang;  Gao, Xin-Fen;  Zhang, Li-Bing
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