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Identification and optimization of 2-aminobenzimidazole derivatives as novel inhibitors of TRPC4 and TRPC5 channels 期刊论文
BRITISH JOURNAL OF PHARMACOLOGY, 2015, 卷号: 172, 期号: 14, 页码: 3495-3509
Authors:  Zhu, Yingmin;  Lu, Yungang;  Qu, Chunrong;  Miller, Melissa;  Tian, Jinbin;  Thakur, Dhananjay P.;  Zhu, Jinmei;  Deng, Zixin;  Hu, Xianming;  Wu, Meng;  McManus, Owen B.;  Li, Min;  Hong, Xuechuan;  Zhu, Michael X.;  Luo, Huai-Rong
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