A molecular phylogenetic reappraisal of the Didymosphaeriaceae (= Montagnulaceae)
Ariyawansa, Hiran A.1,2,3,4,5; Tanaka, Kazuaki6; Thambugala, Kasun M.4,5; Phookamsak, Rungtiwa4,5; Tian, Qing4,5; Camporesi, Erio7; Hongsanan, Sinang4,5; Monkai, Jutamart4,5; Wanasinghe, Dhanushka N.4,5; Mapook, Ausanan4,5; Chukeatirote, Ekachai4,5; Kang, Ji-Chuan3; Xu, Jian-Chu1,2; McKenzie, Eric H. C.8; Jones, E. B. Gareth9; Hyde, Kevin D.1,2,4,5; Hyde,KD (reprint author),Chinese Acad Sci,Kunming Inst Bot,Key Lab Plant Divers & Biogeog East Asia,Kunming 650201,Peoples R China.; kdhyde3@gmail.com
摘要The ascomycetous families, Didymosphaeriaceae and Montagnulaceae, have been treated in Pleosporales, Dothideomycetes, and both include saprobes, endophytes and pathogens associated with a wide variety of substrates worldwide. Didymosphaeriaceae was characterized by 1-septate ascospores and trabeculate pseudoparaphyses, mainly anastomosing above the asci, while species in Montagnulaceae had 1 to multi-septate ascospores and generally cellular pseudoparaphyses. In recent treatments, Bimuria, Didymocrea, Kalmusia, Karstenula, Montagnula, Paraphaeosphaeria, Paraconiothyrium and Letendraea were placed in Montagnulaceae, while only Didymosphaeria has been placed in Didymosphaeriaceae. New morphological and molecular data from recent collections have become available and thus the understanding of the families can be improved. Based on analyses of concatenated internal transcribed spacer (ITS) with LSU, SSU and beta-tubulin gene sequences, the taxonomy of the genera classified in these families are re-assessed. Our phylogenetic analyses conclude that, the recently introduced Didymosphaeria rubi-ulmifolii with Paraconiothyrium brasiliense species complex, Alloconiothyrium, Bimuria, Deniquelata, Didymocrea, Kalmusia, Karstenula, Letendraea, Montagnula, Neokalmusia, Paraconiothyrium, Paraphaeosphaeria, Phaeodothis and Tremateia, forms a robust clade named here Didymosphaeriaceae. We therefore synonymize Montagnulaceae under Didymosphaeriaceae which is the oldest name and has priority and provide a update account of the family. Didymosphaeria is represented by Didymosphaeria rubi-ulmifolii. A new genus, Neokalmusia, is introduced in the family to accommodate the bambusicolous taxa Kalmusia brevispora and K. scabrispora. This introduction is based on molecular data coupled with morphology. One new species, Paraconiothyrium magnoliae and the sexual morph of Paraconiothyrium fuckelii, is also introduced. Julella and Barria are assigned to the family based on morphological similarity with Didymosphaeriaceae. Wilmia (previously referred to the Phaeosphaeriaceae) is synonymized under Letendraea (Didymosphaeriaceae). Furthermore, a new species, Letendraea cordylinicola, is introduced and placed in Didymosphaeriaceae based on phylogeny and morphology. The paraphyletic nature of Paraconiothyrium is partially resolved, but further sampling with fresh collections and molecular data of species in this genus are needed to obtain a natural classification.
关键词Didymosphaeriaceae Montagnulaceae New Species Phylogeny Rdna Beta-tubulin
资助信息World Wildlife Fund (WWF)-Bhutan; World Wildlife Fund (WWF)-Bhutan
通讯作者Hyde,KD (reprint author),Chinese Acad Sci,Kunming Inst Bot,Key Lab Plant Divers & Biogeog East Asia,Kunming 650201,Peoples R China.; kdhyde3@gmail.com
作者单位1.Chinese Acad Sci, Kunming Inst Bot, Key Lab Plant Divers & Biogeog East Asia, Kunming 650201, Peoples R China
2.World Agroforestry Ctr, Heilongtan 650201, Kunming, Peoples R China
3.Guizhou Univ, Natl Educ Minist China, Engn & Res Ctr Southwest Biopharmaceut Resources, Guiyang 550025, Guizhou Provinc, Peoples R China
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8.Manaaki Whenua Landcare Res, Auckland 92170, New Zealand
9.King Saudi Univ, Dept Bot & Microbiol, Riyadh, Saudi Arabia
GB/T 7714
Ariyawansa, Hiran A.,Tanaka, Kazuaki,Thambugala, Kasun M.,et al. A molecular phylogenetic reappraisal of the Didymosphaeriaceae (= Montagnulaceae)[J]. FUNGAL DIVERSITY,2014,68(1):69-104.
APA Ariyawansa, Hiran A..,Tanaka, Kazuaki.,Thambugala, Kasun M..,Phookamsak, Rungtiwa.,Tian, Qing.,...&kdhyde3@gmail.com.(2014).A molecular phylogenetic reappraisal of the Didymosphaeriaceae (= Montagnulaceae).FUNGAL DIVERSITY,68(1),69-104.
MLA Ariyawansa, Hiran A.,et al."A molecular phylogenetic reappraisal of the Didymosphaeriaceae (= Montagnulaceae)".FUNGAL DIVERSITY 68.1(2014):69-104.
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