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题名: Naming and outline of Dothideomycetes-2014 including proposals for the protection or suppression of generic names
作者: Wijayawardene, Nalin N.1, 2, 3; Crous, Pedro W.6, 7; Kirk, Paul M.8, 9; Hawksworth, David L.9, 10, 11; Boonmee, Saranyaphat3, 4; Braun, Uwe14, 15; Dai, Dong-Qin1, 2, 3, 4; D'souza, Melvina J.3, 4; Diederich, Paul16; Dissanayake, Asha3, 4, 17; Doilom, Mingkhuan3, 4; Hongsanan, Singang3, 4; Jones, E. B. Gareth18; Groenewald, Johannes Z.7; Jayawardena, Ruvishika3, 4, 17; Lawrey, James D.19; Liu, Jian-Kui3, 4; Luecking, Robert20; Madrid, Hugo7, 12, 13; Manamgoda, Dimuthu S.3, 4; Muggia, Lucia21, 22; Nelsen, Matthew P.20, 23; Phookamsak, Rungtiwa1, 2, 3, 4; Suetrong, Satinee24; Tanaka, Kazuaki25; Thambugala, Kasun M.3, 4; Wanasinghe, Dhanushka N.3, 4; Wikee, Saowanee3, 4; Zhang, Ying26; Aptroot, Andre27; Ariyawansa, H. A.3, 4; Bahkali, Ali H.28; Bhat, D. Jayarama3, 4, 29; Gueidan, Cecile10; Chomnunti, Putarak3, 4; De Hoog, G. Sybren7; Knudsen, Kerry30; Li, Wen-Jing1, 3, 4; McKenzie, Eric H. C.31; Miller, Andrew N.32; Phillips, Alan J. L.33; Piatek, Marcin36; Raja, Huzefa A.34; Shivas, Roger S.38; Slippers, Bernad37; Taylor, Joanne E.35; Tian, Qing3, 4; Wang, Yong5; Woudenberg, Joyce H. C.7; Cai, Lei39; Jaklitsch, Walter M.40, 41; Hyde, Kevin D.1, 2, 3
出版日期: 2014-11-01
卷号: 69, 期号:1, 页码:1-55
关键词: Article 59.1 ; Ascomycota ; One name ; Phylogeny ; Pleomorphism
学科分类: Mycology
DOI: 10.1007/s13225-014-0309-2
通讯作者: Hyde,KD (reprint author),Chinese Acad Sci,Key Lab Plant Divers & Biogeog East Asia,Kunming Inst Bot,Kunming 650201,Yunnan,Peoples R China. ;
文章类型: Review
英文摘要: Article 59.1, of the International Code of Nomenclature for Algae, Fungi, and Plants (ICN; Melbourne Code), which addresses the nomenclature of pleomorphic fungi, became effective from 30 July 2011. Since that date, each fungal species can have one nomenclaturally correct name in a particular classification. All other previously used names for this species will be considered as synonyms. The older generic epithet takes priority over the younger name. Any widely used younger names proposed for use, must comply with Art. 57.2 and their usage should be approved by the Nomenclature Committee for Fungi (NCF). In this paper, we list all genera currently accepted by us in Dothideomycetes (belonging to 23 orders and 110 families), including pleomorphic and non-pleomorphic genera. In the case of pleomorphic genera, we follow the rulings of the current ICN and propose single generic names for future usage. The taxonomic placements of 1261 genera are listed as an outline. Protected names and suppressed names for 34 pleomorphic genera are listed separately. Notes and justifications are provided for possible proposed names after the list of genera. Notes are also provided on recent advances in our understanding of asexual and sexual morph linkages in Dothideomycetes. A phylogenetic tree based on four gene analyses supported 23 orders and 75 families, while 35 families still lack molecular data.
类目[WOS]: Mycology
研究领域[WOS]: Mycology
收录类别: SCI
项目资助者: School of Life Sciences, Sun Yat-sen University
语种: 英语
WOS记录号: WOS:000346054900001
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内容类型: 期刊论文
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作者单位: 1.Chinese Acad Sci, Key Lab Plant Divers & Biogeog East Asia, Kunming Inst Bot, Kunming 650201, Yunnan, Peoples R China
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Wijayawardene,Nalin N.;Crous,Pedro W.;Kirk,Paul M.;Hawksworth,David L.;Boonmee,Saranyaphat;Braun,Uwe;Dai,Dong-Qin;D'souza,Melvina J.;Diederich,Paul;Dissanayake,Asha;Doilom,Mingkhuan;Hongsanan,Singang;Jones,E. B. Gareth;Groenewald,Johannes Z.;Jayawardena,Ruvishika;Lawrey,James D.;Liu,Jian-Kui;Luecking,Robert;Madrid,Hugo;Manamgoda,Dimuthu S.;Muggia,Lucia;Nelsen,Matthew P.;Phookamsak,Rungtiwa;Suetrong,Satinee;Tanaka,Kazuaki;Thambugala,Kasun M.;Wanasinghe,Dhanushka N.;Wikee,Saowanee;Zhang,Ying;Aptroot,Andre;Ariyawansa,H. A.;Bahkali,Ali H.;Bhat,D. Jayarama;Gueidan,Cecile;Chomnunti,Putarak;De Hoog,G. Sybren;Knudsen,Kerry;Li,Wen-Jing;McKenzie,Eric H. C.;Miller,Andrew N.;Phillips,Alan J. L.;Piatek,Marcin;Raja,Huzefa A.;Shivas,Roger S.;Slippers,Bernad;Taylor,Joanne E.;Tian,Qing;Wang,Yong;Woudenberg,Joyce H. C.;Cai,Lei;Jaklitsch,Walter M.;Hyde,Kevin D..Naming and outline of Dothideomycetes-2014 including proposals for the protection or suppression of generic names,FUNGAL DIVERSITY,2014,13(4):1191-1197
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