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Cai, XiangHai


CAI Xiang-Hai received his PhD from the Chinese Academy of Sciences (CAS)’ Kunming Institute of Botany (KIB) in July, 2006. He worked at the Hefei Instant Pharmaceutical Ltd. from 1999 to 2001, and as a visiting scholar at the Novartis Pharma AG as in 2008. He is now Professor of KIB/CAS. He was awarded to the second prize in Yunnan Natural Science Award and Lu Jiaxi Young Talent Award of CAS in 2010 for his contributions in Natural Products. His major research interests include 1): new structure, bioactivity, and structure-activity relationship of alkaloids; 2) structure, naturally biological function, and application of plant pigments. He has authored some 68 papers, including 55 in ISI-index journals, such as Org. Lett., J. Nat. Prod., Phytochemistry, Planta Med., Helv. Chem. Acta. He has applied 13 patents and 6 of them granted. Up to now six graduated students were cultivated.

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