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Huang, ShengXiong
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Huang, ShengXiong


Natural products remain the best sources of drugs and drug leads. The structure novelty and bioactivity are the two major focus of natural products research. Cloning and characterization of natural product biosynthetic machinery from microbes and discovery and elucidation of novel enzymes involved in the biosynthesis of natural product will facilitate and set the stage to fully investigate biosynthetic pathway and to biosynthetically engineer new natural product analogues by combinatorial biosynthesis and synthetic biology. Dr. Huang’s research involved in interdisciplinary research as exemplified by natural product discovery, biosynthesis, engineering, combinatorial biosynthesis, and synthetic biology. T Dr. Huang’s major research achievements include (1) the discovery of a series of structure novel and bioactive natural products; (2) biochemically elucidating the novel aminomutase KedY4 from Kedarcidin biosynthesis pathway; (3) engineering a novel analogue that displayed the most potent DNA cleavage activity among all bleomycin analogues known to date via combinatorial biosynthesis and synthetic biology approach. Over 70 papers have been published in SCI journals including the top raking ones: Science, PNAS, JACS, Org Lett, and Chem Eur J. The total citation of all the published papers is 1145 and the other citation is 662, which suggest that his researches are highly appreciated by the peers. The current research interests include the natural products discovery, biosynthesis and engineering.

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