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Li, DeZhu
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Li, DeZhu


LI De-Zhu received his PhD from the Chinese Academy of Sciences (CAS)’ Kunming Institute of Botany (KIB) in 1990. He worked at the Royal Botanic Garden Edinburgh from 1993 to 1994 as a Ferguson Fellow and at the Cambridge University Botanic Garden as Taxonomist from 1994 to 1996. He is now President of Kunming Branch/CAS and Professor of KIB/CAS, as well as Vice President of the Botanical Society of China, and the Representative of China for the International Barcode of Life project (iBOL). Prof. Li is a member of the joint editorial committee of the Flora of China (English and updated) project, an associate editor for BMC Evolutionary Biology, and editor-in-chief of Plant Diversity and Resources (formerly Acta Botanica Yunnanica). He was awarded to an OBE in September 2010 for his contributions to China-UK botanic exchange and the promotion of biodiversity conservation. His research interests focus on plant systematics, biogeography, and germplasm conservation. He has authored some 260 papers, including 170 in ISI-index journals, such as PNAS, Trends in Plant Science, Molecular Ecology, New Phytologist, Molecular Phylogenetics and Evolution, and Taxon. He has authored or contributed to nine monographs and books, including the Lonicera account of the European Garden Flora and the bamboo account of the Flora of China, and is the editor of the Chinese translation of Plant Systematics, A Phylogenetic Approach (3rd Edition).

Major research interests:

1) Systematics, phylogeny, and biogeography of vascular plants in China and adjacent regions, with emphasis on Bambusoideae (Poaceae) and Cucurbitaceae; 2) Plant diversity and germplasm conservation; 3) Plant DNA barcoding and iFlora of China and 4) Population genetics and phylogeography of plant species of conservational and evolutionary significance.

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