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Alternative TitleInvestigation on Chemical Constituents of Six Higher and Two Medicinal Plants
Thesis Advisor刘吉开
Degree Grantor中国科学院昆明植物研究所
Place of Conferral昆明植物研究所
Degree Discipline药物化学
Keyword高等真菌 愈创木烷 Albatrellin Β-caryophyl Guajadial 吖啶生物碱
Abstract本论文系统研究了六种云南高等真菌和两种越南药用植物的化学成分。高等真菌包括松乳菇(Lactarius deliciosus)、大孢地花菌(Albatrellus confluens)、奇丝地花菌(Albatrellus dispansus)、雅致多孔菌(Polyporus elegans)、褐薄小齿菌(Hydnellum concrescens)和黑柄炭角菌(Xylaria nigripes)。植物包括越南产茜草科植物诺丽(Morinda citrifolia)叶及籽和桃金娘科植物番石榴(Psidium guajava)叶。 运用多种分离技术,借助现代波谱学技术(1D-NMR、2D-NMR、MS、 HR-MS、IR、UV/Vis),共分离鉴定了140余(次)个化合物,其中102个各不相同的化合物,新化合物7个,包括1个结构骨架新奇的meroterpenoids类型化合物。 从松乳菇(Lactarius deliciosus)子实体中分离得到系列愈创木烷型色素,其中3个为新化合物。在自然界中,松乳菇子实体受伤后,乳汁会发生系列颜色变化,最初变为红色,数分钟后变深,最终变为绿色,研究证明促使乳汁颜色变化的主要成分是愈创木烷型色素。 从大孢地花菌(Albatrellus confluens)子实体中分离得到系列grifolin二聚体色素,其中1个为新化合物。这种类型色素在地花菌中比较罕见,目前只报道了两个这种类型色素。初步活性研究发现albatrellin (57)对人类肺癌HepG2细胞具有一定细胞毒活性,其 IC50为1.55 µg ml-1(阳性对照为DDP,其IC50 值为0. 28 µg ml-1)。 从桃金娘科植物番石榴(Psidium guajava)叶中分离得到两个结构新奇的meroterpenoids类型化合物—diguajadial (13) 和 guajadial (16),结构特征: β-caryophyllene与另一高度氧化的结构单元通过Diels-Alder反应结合。化合物(16)是两分子guajadial (13)以醚键形式结合形成的二聚体。 从小芸木植物(Micromelum integerrimum)叶中分离得到一个新的吖啶生物碱成分(74)。这种类型生物碱是一类重要的生物活性物质,具有抗癌、抗肿瘤、抗病毒、抗疟疾和抗白血病等生物活性。
Other AbstractThe chemical constituents of six higher fungi including Lactarius deliciosus, Albatrellus confluens, Albatrellus dispansus, Polyporus elegans, Hydnellum concrescens and Xylaria nigripes collected from Yunnan Province, P. R. China, and two medicinal plants including Morinda citrifolia (Rubiaceae) and Psidium guajava (Myrtaceae) collected from south of Vietnam, were investigated. More than 140 compounds, including 102 different compounds and 7 new ones (containing an unprecedented carbon skeleton), have been obtained using varied chromatographic methods, and the structures of new metabolites were elucidated by extensive spectroscopic analysis (1D-NMR, 2D-NMR, MS, HR-MS, IR, UV/Vis). Several azulene pigments including three new ones were isolated from the fruiting bodies of the basidiomycete Lactarius deliciosus. The latex of the fruiting bodies of L. deliciosus is firstly carrot-colored, but slowly (minutes) darkens and eventually turns green, and these colors in L. deliciosus have previously been shown to be due to guaiane sesquiterpenes. A series of dimeric grifolin pigments including one new compound were isolated from the fruiting bodies of the basidiomycete Albatrellus confluens. These pigments are rarely found in nature except for only two according to the literatures. Preliminary biological assay showed that albatrellin (57) exhibited cytotoxic activity against HepG2 human lung carcinoma cell with IC50 value of 1.55 µg ml-1(positive control DDP with IC50 value of 0.28µg ml-1). Two unusual meroterpenoids, named diguajadial (13) and guajadial (16), were isolated from the leaves of Psidium guajava (Myrtaceae). These compounds maybe form through Diels-Alder reaction with two units (β-caryophyllene and highly oxidized unit). Compound 16 is symmetric homodimeric ether comprising two guajadial units. A new acridone alkaloid (74) was isolated from Micromelum integerrimum. This kind of alkaloids, a group of important bioactive compounds, are mainly existed in the citrus plant of Rutaceae family, which exhibited the activites of anticancer, antitumour, antivirus, antiproliferation and anti-malaria, et al.
Document Type学位论文
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杨小龙. 六种高等真菌和两种药用植物的化学成分研究[D]. 昆明植物研究所. 中国科学院昆明植物研究所,2009.
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