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Alternative TitleStudy on Chemical Constituents of Ten Macrofungi
Thesis Advisor刘吉开
Degree Grantor中国科学院昆明植物研究所
Place of Conferral昆明植物研究所
Degree Discipline植物学
Keyword高等真菌 2-羟基呋喃戊糖 化学成分 双连接糖苷 Pulvinic Acid 分枝长醇
Abstract本论文研究了采自云南的10种野生高等真菌(子实体或发酵液)的化学成分,它们包括绿盖粉孢牛肝菌(Tylopilus virens)、树舌灵芝(Ganoderma applanatum)、赭红拟口蘑(Tricholomopsis rutilans)、炭球菌(Daldinia concentrica)、粘液丝膜菌(Cortinarius vibratilis)、地花菌(Albatrellus confluens)、蓝柄丽齿菌(Calodon suaveolens)、林地蘑菇(Agaricus silvaticus)、肉球菌(Engleromycete goetzei)以及红蜡蘑(Laccaria laccata)。 运用多种分离与分析方法(CC、TLC、prep. TLC、MPLC、HPLC等)以及波谱学技术(1D NMR、2D NMR、MS、HR-MS、UV/Vis等)并借助必要的化学手段,共分离鉴定90余个化合物,其中包括16个新化合物,新结构涉及:由pulvinic acid衍生的结构新颖的双连接糖苷、高氧化度羊毛甾烷型三萜酸、具分枝状的长醇(dolichol)、苯并吡喃酮衍生物、麦角甾醇的脂肪酸酯(或糖苷)等多种类型。 从绿盖粉孢牛肝菌(T. virens)中分离到一系列由pulvinic acid衍生的丁烯内酯类真菌色素,其中包括4个新颖的糖苷类成分:粉孢牛肝菌素A~D,它们的结构中含有独特的2-羟基呋喃戊糖结构单元(pentos-2-ulofuranose),且糖上的1、2位羟基与色素母核上的16、15位酚羟基分别以糖苷键和半缩酮键形成不寻常的双连接糖苷,这类成分为首次发现。这些pulvinic acid衍生物是菌柄基部呈现金黄色的物质基础。 从树舌灵芝(G. applanatum)中分离到自然界中第一个具分枝状的长醇衍生物:灵芝长醇。长醇是长链聚异戊烯基醇类化合物,它们在生物体中具有重要的生化功能。还分离到与苯并吡喃酮结构相关的衍生物:树舌灵芝素A~B,这类成分对该真菌可能具有化学分类学意义。此外,两个新的高氧化度羊毛甾烷型三萜酸:灵芝酸AP2与灵芝酸AP3也被分离到。
Other AbstractThe chemical constituents of ten macrofungi (fruiting bodies or fermentation broth) were investigated. These fungi, including Tylopilus virens, Ganoderma applanatum, Tricholomopsis rutilans, Daldinia concentrica, Cortinarius vibratilis, Albatrellus confluens, Calodon suaveolens, Agaricus silvaticus, Engleromycete goetzei, and Laccaria laccata, are all collected from Yunnan Province, China. More than eighty compounds, including sixteen novel ones, were obtained using varied chromatography methods (CC、TLC、prep. TLC、MPLC、HPLC etc.), and the structures of the new compounds were elucidated on the basis of extensive spectroscopic analysis (1D NMR、2D NMR、MS、HR-MS、UV/Vis etc.). These new natural products involve novel doubly linked glycosides derived from pulvinic acid, highly oxygenated triterpenoid acids, unprecedented branched dolichol, benzopyran-4-one derivatives, ergosteryl esters or glycosides, etc. A series of unique doubly linked glycosides derived from pulvinic acid, tylopilins A~D, were isolated from the fruiting bodies of T. virens. An unprecedented pentos-2-ulofuranose within these molecules is doubly linked to its aglycone through glycosidic and hemiketal bonds. This type of compounds was found for the first time from nature, and these constituents are responsible for the yellow bottom of the stipe. Ganodolichol, the first example of branched dolichol, was found in the fungus G. applanatum. (Dolichols are polyisoprenoid lipid components of membranes of most living organisms, and known mainly for its important function in protein glycosylation.) Novel benzopyran-4-one derivatives possessing the significance of the chemotaxonomy of this species, applanatins A~B, as well as new highly oxygenated lanostane-type triterpenes, ganoderic acid AP2~AP3, were also isolated from this fungus.
Document Type学位论文
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GB/T 7714
王飞. 绿盖粉孢牛肝菌等10种高等真菌的化学成分[D]. 昆明植物研究所. 中国科学院昆明植物研究所,2007.
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