Families of Dothideomycetes
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摘要Dothideomycetes comprise a highly diverse range of fungi characterized mainly by asci with two wall layers (bitunicate asci) and often with fissitunicate dehiscence. Many species are saprobes, with many asexual states comprising important plant pathogens. They are also endophytes, epiphytes, fungicolous, lichenized, or lichenicolous fungi. They occur in terrestrial, freshwater and marine habitats in almost every part of the world. We accept 105 families in Dothideomycetes with the new families Anteagloniaceae, Bambusicolaceae, Biatriosporaceae, Lichenoconiaceae, Muyocopronaceae, Paranectriellaceae, Roussoellaceae, Salsugineaceae, Seynesiopeltidaceae and Thyridariaceae introduced in this paper. Each family is provided with a description and notes, including asexual and asexual states, and if more than one genus is included, the type genus is also characterized. Each family is provided with at least one figure-plate, usually illustrating the type genus, a list of accepted genera, including asexual genera, and a key to these genera. A phylogenetic tree based on four gene combined analysis add support for 64 of the families and 22 orders, including the novel orders, Dyfrolomycetales, Lichenoconiales, Lichenotheliales, Monoblastiales, Natipusillales, Phaeotrichales and Strigulales. The paper is expected to provide a working document on Dothideomycetes which can be modified as new data comes to light. It is hoped that by illustrating types we provide stimulation and interest so that more work is carried out in this remarkable group of fungi.
关键词Ribosomal Dna-sequences Morphologically Similar Genera Foliicolous Lichenized Fungi Intertidal Mangrove Wood Leaf-inhabiting Fungi Fresh-water Habitats New-zealand Fungi Russian Far-east Papua-new-guinea Sp-nov
资助信息International collaboration plan of Science and Technology at Guizhou Province [[2012]7006]; construction of innovation talent team of Science and Technology at Guizhou Province, China [[2012]4007]; Spanish Ministerio de Ciencia e Innovacion [CGL2011-25003]; Grant for Essential Scientific Research of National Non-profit Institute [CAFYBB2007002]; MFU [56101020032]; Japan Society for the Promotion of Science (JSPS) [25440199]; National Science Council of Taiwan [NSC101-2621-B-019-001-MY3]; Austrian Science Foundation (FWF) [P24114-B16]; FWF (Herta-Firnberg Project) [T481-B20]; Thailand Research Fund through the Royal Golden Jubilee (RGJ) Ph. D. Program [Ph. D./0072/2553]; NSF [DEB 0715660, DEB 0717476]; Royal Golden Jubilee Ph. D. Program [PHD/0090/2551]; e U. S. Department of Agriculture Agricultural Research Service, Systematic Mycology and Microbiology Lab (SMML), USA; TRF/BIOTEC program Biodiversity Research and Training Grant [BRT R_251181, BRT R_253012]; Thailand Research Fund through the Royal Golden Jubilee Ph. D. Program [PhD/0198/2552]; National Research Council of Thailand (NRCT) [55201020002]; Thailand Research Fund [BRG5280002]; King Saud University, Saudi Arabia.; International Scientific Cooperated Project of Guizhou Province [[2013]7004]; Guizhou Research Fund [QKHZYZ[2010]5031, QNKYYZX[2012]010]; [CARS-30]
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GB/T 7714
Hyde, Kevin D.,Jones, E. B. Gareth,Liu, Jian-Kui,et al. Families of Dothideomycetes[J]. FUNGAL DIVERSITY,2013,63(1):1-313.
APA Hyde, Kevin D..,Jones, E. B. Gareth.,Liu, Jian-Kui.,Ariyawansa, Hiran.,Boehm, Eric.,...&Zhang, Min.(2013).Families of Dothideomycetes.FUNGAL DIVERSITY,63(1),1-313.
MLA Hyde, Kevin D.,et al."Families of Dothideomycetes".FUNGAL DIVERSITY 63.1(2013):1-313.
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