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Li, De-Zhu

Doctor doctoral supervisor
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[1] Zhang, Xue-Mei,Zhao, Lei,Larson-Rabin, Zachary,et al. De Novo Sequencing And Characterization Of The Floral Transcriptome Of Dendrocalamus Latiflorus (poaceae: Bambusoideae)[J]. Plos One,2012,7(8):E42082.
[2] Meng, Jing,Fougere-Danezan, Marie,Zhang, Li-Bing,et al. Untangling The Hybrid Origin Of The Chinese Tea Roses: Evidence From Dna Sequences Of Single-copy Nuclear And Chloroplast Genes[J]. Plant Systematics And Evolution,2011,297(3-4):157-170.
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[5] Bai, Xue-gui,Chen, Jin-hui,Kong, Xiang-xiang,et al. Carbon Monoxide Enhances The Chilling Tolerance Of Recalcitrant Baccaurea Ramiflora Seeds Via Nitric Oxide-mediated Glutathione Homeostasis[J]. Free Radical Biology And Medicine,2012,53(4):710-720.
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[9] Shah, Amin,Li, De-Zhu,Moller, Michael,et al. Delimitation Of Taxus Fuana Nan Li & R.r. Mill (taxaceae) Based On Morphological And Molecular Data[J]. Taxon,2008,57(1):211-222.
[10] Lu, Lu,Fritsch, Peter W.,Wang, Hong,et al. Pollen Morphology Of Gaultheria L. And Related Genera Of Subfamily Vaccinioideae: Taxonomic And Evolutionary Significance[J]. Review Of Palaeobotany And Palynology,2009,154(1-4):106-123.
[11] Shah, Amin,Li, De-Zhu,Gao, Lian-Ming,et al. Genetic Diversity Within And Among Populations Of The Endangered Species Taxus Fuana (taxaceae) From Pakistan And Implications For Its Conservation[J]. Biochemical Systematics And Ecology,2008,36(3):183-193.
[12] Ma, Peng-Fei,Guo, Zhen-Hua,Li, De-Zhu. Rapid Sequencing Of The Bamboo Mitochondrial Genome Using Illumina Technology And Parallel Episodic Evolution Of Organelle Genomes In Grasses[J]. Plos One,2012,7(1):E30297.
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Research Topics

China[16] taxonomy[16] phylogeny[14] ITS[14] trnL-F[12] molecular phylogeny[11] Pedicularis[10] Orchidaceae[8] DNA barcoding[7] Rhododendron[7] population genetics[6] Yunnan[6] Orobanchaceae[6] pollen morphology[6] GBSSI gene[6]

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