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MicroRNAs in Cotton 专著
:Springer-Verlag Berlin Heidelberg, 2011
Guiling Sun; Qinglian Wang; Baohong Zhang
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Genetics and Genomics of the Brassicaceae 专著
:spinger, 2011
Renate Schmidt
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Molecular Methods for Evolutionary Genetics 专著
:Humana press, 2011
Authors:  Virginie Orgogozo;  Matthew V. Rockman
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生物信息学札记(第3版) 专著
, 2010
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Expressed Sequence Tags (ESTs) Generation and Analysis 专著
New York:Humana Press,, 2009
John Parkinson
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Population Genetics 专著
:wiley-blackwell, 2009
Authors:  Matthew B. Hamilton
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Foundations of Comparative Genomics 专著
:Academic Press, 2007
Arcady R. Mushegian
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Modern Phytomedicine Turning Medicinal Plants into Drugs 专著
:WILEY-VCH Verlag GmbH & Co., 2006
Iqbal Ahmad; Farrukh Aqil; Mohammad Owais
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Computational Molecular Evolution 专著
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Data Analysis and Visualization in Genomics and Proteomics 专著
England:John Wiley & Sons Ltd,, 2005
Francisco Azuaje; Joaquı´n Dopazo
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