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UniPR129 is a competitive small molecule Eph-ephrin antagonist blocking in vitro angiogenesis at low micromolar concentrations Eph antagonist and angiogenesis 期刊论文
出版物, 3111, 期号: 0, 页码: 1-32
Authors:  I Hassan-Mohamed;  C Giorgio;  M Incerti;  S Russo;  D Pala;  E B Pasquale;  P Vicini;  E Barocelli;  S Rivara;  M Mor;  A Lodola;  M Tognolini
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Eph Kinase  Ephrin  Small Molecules  Angiogenesis  Bile Acid  Lithocholic Acid  
The Tyrosine Kinase Inhibitor Bafetinib Inhibits PAR2-induced Activation of TRPV4 In Vitro and Pain In Vivo1 期刊论文
出版物, 2111, 页码: 1-44
Authors:  1M S Grace;  T Lieu;  B Darby;  F C Abogadie;  N Veldhuis N W Bunnett;  P McIntyre
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Transient Receptor Potential Ion Channel  Trpv4  Protease Activated Receptor  Par2  Pain  Tyrosine Kinase  Bafetinib  
Parabacteroides distasonis ameliorates hepatic fibrosis potentially via modulating intestinal bile acid metabolism and hepatocyte pyroptosis in male mice 期刊论文
NATURE COMMUNICATIONS, 2023, 卷号: 14, 期号: 1, 页码: 1829
Authors:  Zhao,Qi;  Dai,Man-Yun;  Huang,Ruo-Yue;  Duan,Jing-Yi;  Zhang,Ting;  Bao,Wei-Min;  Zhang,Jing-Yi;  Gui,Shao-Qiang;  Xia,Shu-Min;  Dai,Cong-Ting;  Tang,Ying-Mei;  Gonzalez,Frank J. J.;  Li,Fei
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Hepatic RACK1 deletion disturbs lipid and glucose homeostasis independently of insulin resistance 期刊论文
JOURNAL OF ENDOCRINOLOGY, 2022, 卷号: 254, 期号: 3, 页码: 151-165
Authors:  Qin, Wanying;  Zhang, Ting;  Ge, Mingxia;  Zhou, Huimin;  Xu, Yuhui;  Mu, Rongfang;  Huang, Chaoguang;  Liu, Daowei;  Huang, Bangrui;  Wang, Qian;  Kong, Qinghua;  Kong, Qingpeng;  Li, Fei;  Xiong, Wenyong
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雷公藤制剂肝毒性的机制及其调节作用研究 学位论文
, 2021
Authors:  彭婉
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Artemicapillasins A-N, cytotoxic coumaric acid analogues against hepatic stellate cell LX2 from Artemisia capillaris (Yin-Chen) 期刊论文
BIOORGANIC CHEMISTRY, 2021, 卷号: 117, 页码: 105441
Authors:  Gao,Zhen;  Huang,Xiao-Yan;  Geng,Chang-An;  Li,Tian-Ze;  Chen,Ji-Jun
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Artemisia capillaris  Coumaric acid analogues  Antihepatic fibrosis effects  HSC-LX2  Extracellular matrix  TRADITIONAL CHINESE HERB  ACTIVE CONSTITUENTS  LIVER FIBROSIS  
FXR activation prevents liver injury induced by Tripterygium wilfordii preparations 期刊论文
XENOBIOTICA, 2021, 卷号: 51, 期号: 6, 页码: 716-727
Authors:  Peng,Wan;  Dai,Man-Yun;  Bao,Li-Juan;  Zhu,Wei-Feng;  Li,Fei
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Tripterygium wilfordii  liver injury  farnesoid X receptor  bile acid metabolism  metabolomics  
Discovery of pseudolaric acid A as a new Hsp90 inhibitor uncovers its potential anticancer mechanism 期刊论文
BIOORGANIC CHEMISTRY, 2021, 卷号: 112, 页码: 104963
Authors:  Liu,Jiangxin;  Wu,Xing-De;  Li,Wenyan;  Yuan,Zaifeng;  Yang,Kun;  Zhao,Qin-Shi
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Pseudolaric acid A  Hsp90 inhibitor  Apoptosis  NMR  Structure-activity relationship  Photoaffinity-based probe  Protein-ligand interaction  MOLECULAR CHAPERONE  PROTEIN  TARGET  CANCER  KINASE  NMR  IDENTIFICATION  SELECTIVITY  BINDING  DESIGN  
茵陈蒿的化学成分及其代谢研究 学位论文
, 2020
Authors:  肖瑶
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两种药用植物的化学成分及生物活性研究 学位论文
, 2020
Authors:  黄庆谱
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