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Alternative TitleTaxonomic revision on the Famliy Magnoliaceae from China
Thesis Advisor吴征镒
Degree Grantor中国科学院昆明植物研究所
Place of Conferral昆明植物研究所
Degree Discipline植物学
Keyword木兰科 分类修订 新系统 中国
Abstract以形态证据为主,结合分子系统学的最新发展,提出了一个全新的木兰科分类系统,在木兰科承认了17属分为木兰亚科和鹅掌楸亚科,木兰亚科中根据果实形态分为木兰族和含笑族,恢复了Lirianthe Spach的属级地位,新建立了厚朴属(Rytidospermum (Spach) N. H. Xia & C. W. Wu)和天女花属(Oyama (Nakai) N. H. Xia & C. Y. Wu),将华盖木属(Manglietiastrum Law)并入厚壁木属(Pachylarnax Dandy), 合果木属(Paramichelia Hu和观光木属(Tsoongiodendron Chun)并入含笑属(Michelia L.),确认了玉兰属(Yulania Spach)的属级地位。并建立了木莲属、玉兰属、含笑属的属下分类系统。系统排列如下: 木兰亚科Magnolioideae 木兰族Magnolieae 1. 木莲属Manglietia Blume 2. 木兰属Magnolia L. 3. 长喙木兰属 Lirianthe Spach 4. 厚朴属Rytidospermum (Spach) N. H. Xia & C. Y. Wu 5. 南美盖裂木属Dugandiodendron Lozano 6. 盖裂木属Talauma Juss. 7. 天女花属Oyama (Nakai) N. H. Xia & C. Y. Wu 8. 单性木兰属Kmeria Dandy 9. 焕镛木属Woonyongia Law 10. 厚壁木属Pachylarnax Dandy 11. 拟单性木兰属Parakmeria Hu 含笑族Michelieae 12. 长蕊木兰属Alcimandra Dandy 13. 香木兰属Aromadendron Blume 14. 玉兰属Yulania Spach 15. 南洋含笑属Elmerrillia Dandy 16. 含笑属Michelia L. 鹅掌楸亚科Liriodendroideae 17. 鹅掌楸属Liriodendron L. 木莲属的属下分类系统如下: 木莲亚属 Subgen. Manglietia 木莲组 Sect. Manglietia 长柄组 Sect. Coniferae N. H. Xia, sect. nov. 华木莲亚属 Subgen. Sinomanglietia (Z. X. Yu & Q. Y. Zheng) N. H. Xia,stat. nov. 玉兰属分为2组:玉兰组和紫玉兰组(包括望春玉兰组)。 含笑属分为2亚属3组: 含笑亚属 Subgen. Michelia 含笑组 Sect. Michelia 肖含笑组 Sect. Micheliopsis 双被组 Sect. Dichlamys 异被亚属 Subgen. Anisochlamys 根据新系统对国产种类进行了系统修订,确认我国有木兰科植物12属,125种1变种。描述了1新种Manglietia zhengyiana N. H. Xia, 建立了2新亚属(木莲属华木莲亚属,含笑属异被亚属)和1新组(木莲属木莲亚属长柄组Manglietia subgen. Manglietia sect. Coniferae N. H. Xia), 作了23个新组合, 作了23个新组合,归并了17个种2变种。
Other AbstractMagnoliaceae is one of the most primitive family of angiosperms. It is widely distributed in tropical and subtropical regions of the world. There is no widely accepted generic concepts in the family. The genera number of the family varies from 2 to 17. Based on the revision of literature and herbarium specimens, a new classification system is proposed by the author. The family Magnoliaceae is divided into two subfamilies with 17 genera. Within the subfamily Magnolioideae, two tribes and 16 genera are recognized. In the tribe Magnolieae, the genus sensu Dandy, which is proved to be polyphyletic by different molecular analysis, is cut into smaller genera. The genera Magnolia is defined to include Dandy’s Magnolia sect. Magnolia, sect. Theohordon, and Sect. Splendents Vazquez. Sect. Rytidospermum and Sect. Oyama are to be upgrade to generic level; Sect. Gwillimia and Sect. Lirianthe are united to be commodated in the revived genus Lirianthe. The genus Manglietiastrum Law is reduced to a synonym of Pachylarnax Dandy, while the genus Woonyongia Law is recognized as a distinct genus from Kmeria Dandy. In the tribe Michelieae, five genera are recognized. The genera Paramichelia and Tsoongiodendron are reduced to synonymy of Michelia. Consequently the infrageneric systems for the large genus Manglietia, Yulania and Michelia are also established. The systematical arrangement of the new classification system of Magnoliaceae are as follows: Subfam. I. Magnolioideae Tribe 1. Magnolieae 1. Manglietia Blume 2. Magnolia L. 3. Lirianthe Spach 4. Rytidospermum (Spach) N. H. Xia & C. Y. Wu 5. Dugandiodendron Lozano 6. Talauma Juss. 7. Oyama (Nakai) N. H. Xia & C. Y. Wu 8. Kmeria Dandy 9. Woonyongia Law 10. Pachylarnax Dandy 11. Parakmeria Hu Tribe 2. Michelieae 12. Alcimandra Dandy 13. Aromadendron Blume 14. Yulania Spach 15. Elmerrillia Dandy 16. Michelia L. Subfam. II. Liriodendroideae 17. Liriodendron L. The genus Manglietia is divided into two subgenus, i.e. subgen. Manglietia and subgen. Sinomanglietia (Z. X. Yu & Q. Y. Zheng) N. H. Xia. In subgen. Manglietia, two sections (Sect. Manglietia and Sect. Coniferae N. H. Xia) are recognized. The new section Sect. Coniferae is established to accommodate the species with long pedicels. Two sections (Sect. Yulania and Sect. Tulipastrum) are recognized in the genus Yulania Spach. The sect. Buergeria is reduced to a synonym of sect. Tulipastrum. The geneus Michelia is divided into 2 subgenera, i.e. subgen. Michelia and subgen. Anisochlamys (Dandy) N. H. Xia. The subgen. Michelia is subdivided into three sections (Sect. Michelia, Sect. Micheliopsis and Sect. Dichlamys). The Magnoliaceae is systematically revised base on the new system. There are 125 species belonging to 12 genera of Magnoliaceous plants in China. One new species, Manglietia zhengyiana N. H. Xia, is described. 23 new combinations are made and 17 species and 2 varieties are reduced to synonymy.
Document Type学位论文
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GB/T 7714
夏念和. 国产木兰科的分类修订[D]. 昆明植物研究所. 中国科学院昆明植物研究所,2007.
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