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  Gapdh: Gst = 0.309, Fst = 0.432
  Gbssi: Π = 0.00167, Hd = 0.751, Ht = 0.790) Were Relatively High, Indicating That Random Losses Of Genetic Polymorphisms From Populations May Have Occurred Recently. Relatively High Genetic Differentiation For Both Markers (Cpdna: Gst = 0.899, Fst = 0.893
  Gbssi: Gst = 0.274, Fst = 0.263) Were Detected At The Wide-Species Level. Two Cpdna Hapl.Types, Twel.E Gapdh Hapl.Types And Ten Gbssi Hapl.Types Were Recovered, Respectivel.. Al.Ost Every Popul.Tion Except The Popul.Tion Sp Was Fixed For One Cpdna Hapl.Type, Causing No Variation Within The Popul.Tions. Several.Nucl.Ar Hapl.Types Were Distributed Widel. In Most Popul.Tions. These Resul.S May Be Mainl. Expl.Ined By Long-Term Fragmentation And The Limited Gene Fl.W Caused By Geographic Isol.Tion Among Popul.Tions. The Mismatch Distribution Anal.Ses And Neutral.Ty Tests Provided No Evidence For A Recent Popul.Tion Expansion In L. Decora. The Time Of Al. Gapdh Hapl.Types Coal.Sced To The Most Recent Common Ancestor Was Dated To Between 0.46 (95% Ci 0.14-0.89)-0.65 (95% Ci 0.18-1.22)Mya, Which Predates The L.M. In Situ Shrinking Or Extinction Might Have Occurred To L. Decora.During The Gl.Cial.Ages And L. Decora.Popul.Tions Did Not Retreat To Common Refugia Or Migrated Backwards. Based On The Genetic Diversity And Uniqueness Of The Popul.Tions, Conservation Strategies Are Discussed For This Endangered Species.2.
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